Eye clean (Augenrein) For clean fur around the eyes

Eye clean (Augenrein) 75g (1 Piece)
Eye clean (Augenrein) 75g (1 Piece)
Eye clean (Augenrein) 75g (1 Piece)
Eye clean (Augenrein) 75g (1 Piece)
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1 Piece, 75g
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Is your dog’s face discoloured beneath or around the eyes? Do its tears appear red or even brown in colour? Does your dog have brown or red spots around its mouth or do these spots remain when it licks itself?


Not all dogs experience the issue of discolouration due to lacrimal fluid - it’s usually not noticeable in those pets with darker fur.


Unfortunately this means that it’s lovely white dogs with fluffy coats that are most affected by this problem.


This discolouration occurs due to an imbalance in the gut flora which leads to a deviation from the normal pH value and acidity level. Some deviations occur due to incorrect nutrition, while some are the result of a genetic predisposition.


The spots are caused by bacteria which develop in this area and end up in the dog’s fur via the saliva.


A combination of herbal ingredients provides just the right solution to solve this problem for your pet. The healing properties of these plants affect the pH of the bodily fluids and also provide an anti-inflammatory effect.


The desired result is achieved by supporting and strengthening the immune system.


  • free from additives
  • free from antibiotics,
  • free from fillers,
  • free from preservatives


Anifit Clear View is a simple combination of herbal ingredients with no other additives. PURE NATURE!


The results are visible after one to two months of use. New bacteria no longer appear and the old, discoloured hairs can be cleaned or cut away or simply grow out by themselves within a period of four weeks.



Feeding using a wet food product without preservatives or flavour enhancers.


Feeding recommendation

In the first week, add a half teaspoon to the pet’s food on three consecutive days. For dogs under 10kg, add just one quarter of a teaspoon. Do this on two days in the second week and in the third week use more on one day. From then one, once a week as required.



Turmeric, basil, black pepper extract


Ingredient profile

13.2 % raw protein, 2.3 % raw oils and fats, 10.1 % crude ash, 9.6 % raw fibre, 9.8 % moisture


Product information

Nutritional supplement for dogs and cats

75g can



Kurkuma, Basilikum, Schwarzer Pfeffer Extrakt

Analytische Bestandteile

13,2 % Rohprotein, 2,3 % Rohöle- und fette, 10,1 % Rohasche, 9,6 % Rohfaser, 9,8 % Feuchtigkeit

Feeding recommendation

In der ersten Woche an drei Tagen hintereinander einen halben Teelöffel zur Nahrung dazugeben. Bei Hunden unter 10kg nur einen viertel Teelöffel zugeben. In der zweiten Woche an zwei Tagen und in der dritten Woche nur mehr an einem Tag zugeben. Danach bei Bedarf einmal pro Woche.


Ergänzungsfuttermittel für Hunde und Katzen
Dose mit 75g

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